Cali from the top, Three crosses hill


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Our meeting point will be "El Gato de Tejada", at 8:00 AM. It's important to start early, so that if the day is sunny, the sun will not be too strong during the climb. Once we are at the top of the mountain, we will spend at least 20 minutes there, catching our breaths, drinking a fresh and delicious orange and carrot juice, stretching our legs and taking lots of pictures. Then we will go down again on a different and less difficult road and will be done with our experience.


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    Along the hike we'll eat fruits like bananas, pineapple and papaya. At the...

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I was born and raised in Cali and have lived here for most of my life. I'm a yoga and meditation teacher and I work on my own, so I have full managment of my time and I like to spend lots of it doing outdoors activities, like going up to the 3 crosses hill. My main language is Spanish, but as you can read, I also speak English, so any of the two languages you speak, you are welcome in this experience. My best friend is Doris, my 6 years old dog. She also loves being outdoors so you will probably be lucky enough to meet her.
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We will visit a very popular mountain in the city, which people usually climb to exercise. The mountain is called "Cerro de las 3 cruces" (Hill of the 3 crosses). If you are not used to exercising at all, this hike might be kind of hard for you. However, we will take as much pauses as you need.


Best tour ever !!! Nathalia is so kind and fun. I really loved this tour. A very rewarding hike with yummy fruit and juice.
Great hike! A bit challenging on the way up but no issue at all if you love hiking. The view is great and it’s a great way to spend a morning in Cali. Nathalia is wonderful and she was born and raised in the city so she has plenty of knowledge. Fruit and juice are included from the vendors you encounter along the way. I would recommend it!
Esta experiencia superó mis expectativas. Natalia es una persona muy agradable amable con una energía muy linda siempre atenta y preocupada de nuestro bienestar. La pasamos maravilloso llegar a la cima es la mayor recompensa por nuestro esfuerzo de llegar. Excelente deporte. Los paisajes no tienen precio. Sin duda la mejor. Muchísimas gracias.
Natalia y Doris (su perrita ) son súper buena onda, la experiencia fue aún mejor de lo que esperaba, la caminata hasta el cerro súper chida y ni hablar de la visita al río pance. Doy mi total recomendación y aprobación para la realización de la actividad . 👍🏽✌🏽💯
Such a fun hike and it was a total workout! And hanging out with Nathalia is a blast! 10/10 recommend !


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WATER for the hike. You can buy water on the road, but they sell it in disposable plastic cups and we all know that this does a lot of damage to the environment, so I kindly suggest you bring your bottle with water.
SUN BLOCK. This is VERY important. Cali is a very hot city and if we happen to have a sunny day, is better for you to be protected from sunburn.
Hat or beisball cap (optional). Even is you wear sunblock, you might also want/need a hat to cover your head from the sun.
Sun glasses (optional).


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