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We"ll go to Santa Catalina Headland (Cerro de Santa Catalina), a breathtaking space in Gijón that invites contemplation and the contact with nature. We will enjoy mindful walking meditation and the practice of being in the present moment in touch with the environment, noticing our presence as a part of the earth, the space, the universe. We will do body awareness exercises for taking conscience of our presence in touch with the natural world enjoying the present moment.

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I'm a mindfulness and meditation coach in the tradition of the zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. I'm also a traveler writer, journalist and photographer passionate about discovering the natural environment of our planet. I've been traveling all around the world in search of the beauty of our planet, in search of those moments where we merge with the objects we are contemplating. Mindfulness is the key for my relationship with nature. My hiking are walking meditation, experiences of reverence and love for our planet.
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We are going to discover spaces of beauty, stillness and peace in Santa Catalina headland where we"ll practice walking meditation, mindfulness and body awareness.


Vincenta was incredible. It was just us and her kindness and expertise was something I forever cherish. I would recommend this journey for anyone, especially someone who is solo traveling, new to the area, going through a transition period, or just has a love of nature and wants to deepen their awareness. Thank you for everything!
Had a lovely guided walking meditation and contemplative walk with Vicenta. Really helps to have someone next to you reminding you to come back to the present and really experience things and Vicenta is a very calming person to be around.
I have no experience with meditation and Vicenta tried to explain as much as she could. It was quite easy to get distracted because of the busy park. Other than that, I think it was a different and unique experience.
Es una experiencia muy relajante, vale la pena hacerla, la recomiendo si lo que quieres es un rato de paz y una caminata amena esta experiencia es lo que necesites
Excellent communication with Vicenta and I would look forward to the journey again with her sometime. I found her flexible, understanding and empathetic in communication.
Vicenta was very caring and is passionate about meditation and nature. My Madrileno friends sort of advised me against walking the park alone as a woman when not many people are around but Vicenta made it super accessible and dispelled the fears!



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