Letna Bohemian Alternative Bar Tour.


由 Daragh 舉辦的體驗

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On our tour through Letna we will explore some of the most amazing bars and clubs that this area has to offer. If you like alternative art, underground scenes, cultural oddities, and handcrafted beer then this is the tour for you! I will lead you through unforgettable places in Prague, ranging from a steampunk club to a backroom nicknamed Narnia.
Other things to note
You don't need to bring absolutely nothing but your dancing shoes.


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  • 食物
    150 g Organic BBQ bacon cheese burger/ vegetarian/vegan option
  • 飲品
    5 large crafted microbrewery beers/ wine/ local ciders, 1 glass of Champagn...
  • 門票
    Entry to Prague's number 1 underground steampunk club hosting DJ's playing...
  • 交通
    Tram tickets for 2 rides
  • 裝備
    Shisha with a variety of flavours- orange, mint, grape, watermelon, cinnamo...

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Having lived in and travelled to many countries, the one thing I have constantly sought after was to discover the neighborhoods where locals lived and partied. This are the places I love so much.
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每人 $70
每人 $70
每人 $70


We visit: happy- hippie tearoom with a secret room called Narnia, Art gallery bar hosting fascinating exhibitions of modern paintings,local bar with 500 types of beer in 40 meter square, Hipster style Cocktail bar and Steampunk club with 3 floors full of stages playing drum and base, techno,reggae.


Daragh is an amazing host! He has so many friends in the city and that made the experience feel so much more personal. It truly felt like an experience of someone who resides in Prague, not just tourist bars. I would not only do this again if/when I visit Prague again in the future, but I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys bars and wants to see an alternative side of Prague!
Absolutely a “must-do” activity when you come to Prague. My fiancée and I had an incredibly amazing time on this tour. The atmosphere is magical as you will visit bars that definitely make you feel like a local. Daragh is extremely knowledgeable of the area and smartly leverages his existing friendships with the bar owners to provide a customized, unique, and memorable experience. Daragh goes the extra mile to make sure you don’t have to worry about any metro fare or the taxi/Uber ride home at the end of the night (included). All you need to do is be ready for some great stories, drinks, and follow the leader, haha! Don’t worry about anything else.
Darragh knows Prague! This tour was a great time. He showed us some really cool bars and gave us a feel for the quirky side of life in Prague. Highly recommend!
We loved this tour! Darragh took us to some amazing places that we definitely wouldn’t have ventured to on our own. If you’re looking to avoid tourist traps and have a great evening, would highly recommend!
Daragh’s tour of Prague’s vibrant nightlife scene is definitely worth your time. We loved the hidden gems he showed us on our trek through the districts of Prague that aren’t full of tourists. We wouldn’t have discovered these places on our own and were glad he was there to guide us. If you’re looking to explore Prague with a passionate local and find the dive bars, unique venues, and meet some amazing people, this tour is for you.
I’ll start by saying that my friend and I attended this tour after having spent the past 40 hours awake, and the thought of taking a tour from 7:30 to 2AM after that was a little daunting. But for the duration of the tour (which ended up going even longer) I felt awake, engaged, and entertained. The tour was wonderfully customized and Daragh is delightful. I looked at other tours that bring guests to two or three locations (and generally not very interesting ones either) but we got to visit 6 different places, try all sorts of amazing drinks (and a burger!) and meet a bunch of super cool people, both the guests who joined us on the tour, and all of the bartenders, restaurant owners, and locals (and Shakespeare actors?) who Daragh was friends with at every location. Definitely the best tour I’ve been on, maybe ever, and probably the best of Prague that I’ll ever experience. I recommend going on this tour at the START of your trip, rather than the end, because Daragh introduced us to so many places that we are absolutely going to go back to throughout our time in Prague! If Daragh ever starts expanding and offering this tour in other cities, you better believe that’s going to basically decide where I’m going on my next vacation. (*Wink wink* Daragh, you should definitely expand to other cities). Overall this was absolutely amazing and the amount of local knowledge, international stories, and awesome locations on this tour deserve at least 10 out of 5 stars.


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Dancing shoes :)


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