Cemara Beach Walk


2位, 1間臥室, 1張床, 1間共用衛浴
An easy walk over, near beach, field, and mountain


1 張 1.5 米寬雙人床






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Kecamatan Kabat、Jawa Timur、印尼


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Hi, my name is Angga. Come stay with my family and experience Banyuwangi from a local’s perspective! For a new program, I just can processing your reservation at my place on the weekend, when I get holliday from my job. Centrally located by the city center, great sites and activities like the Ijen craters, several beaches, and the “Africa of Java” Baluran National Park are all accessible from here. I am a student of international relations, interested in adventure, culture, and ecotourism. I can play music (traditional instruments of Banyuwangi) and would be happy to teach you. I enjoy hosting and meeting new friends from other countries. Thanks to Martin (France, Belgium) Tom/Timo and Dilys (Dutch), Nico and Lena (Germany), Charlotte (France), Julian and Lena (Germany), Elsa and Lena (Germany), Alexandra and Janina (Germany), John and Karla (Ireland), Sasha (USA/Japan), Katherine Taylor Pullen (Nashville-USA), Mathieu Perrin (France), Tom and Camille (France), Laura Wüthrich (Switzerland), Niamh Dunne (Cork, Ireland), Damiand (Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland), Helen K (Berlin, Germany), Anastasia Seibel (Magdeburg, Germany), Hugh Chan (Coffs Harbour, Australia), Aurelie Goaer (Paris, France), AiLin Lee (Singapore), etc Blambangan Heritage Bayuwangi is situated in the Srono Subdistrict, Kebaman Village. About 20km/30 min from Banyuwangi Regency, 30 min from Ketapang harbour, 15 min from Blimbingasari Banyuwangi Airport, 15 min from Rogojampi Train Station, and 25 min from Karangete Bus Station (all length distances are measured by motorbike). Activities and Facilites: * Free WiFi * Homemade food and drink, my mother is an excellent cook! Makes traditional foods like ketan-urap stcky rice with grated coconut and soybean powder, banana fries, and cassava steam mixed sugar from coconut. * 3 bicycles available to use to get around town. Beautiful rice paddies near my house. *Traditional Indonesia bath + toilet * Happy to show you around the town center and accompany you or help your itinerary get to popular sites like Ijen Crater, local coffee plantations, beaches with snorkeling and diving, Alas Purwo National Park, Meru Betiri Reserve, and Baluran National Park. Other popular activities include * Gandrung dance * Osing ethnic tradition, art, and culture * Archeological Site about Blambangan Kingdom * Seblang Olehsari dance * Seblang Bakungan dance * Janger dance * Barong dance * Kuntulan & Kundaran Dance * Mocoan Osing Culture * Angklung Music * Petik Laut Tradition * Kendang Kempul music ethnic Osing. Pick up and drop off at the nearest bus or train station -from Surabaya by plane: get ticket to Blimbingshari Banyuwangi Airport at Rogojampi subdistrict -from Surabaya by train: You need to get off at “Rogojampi Staion”, confirm with the officer and ask that he let you know. -By Bus: Say you want to go to Banyuwangi and get off at the Srono Market, “Pasar Srono” -From Bali by bus: You can buy a bus ticket for Jember Destination with ferry ride included. Say that you want to get off at “Srono Market/Pasar Srono” → Find Out More mini website, fanpage, and popular social network with name: "Blambangan Heritage"
Hi, my name is Angga. Come stay with my family and experience Banyuwangi from a local’s perspective! For a new program, I just can processing your reservation at my place on the we…
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