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Ecoaldeia De Janas出租的住宅中的獨立房間

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An incredibly beautiful room in an old rustic farm house! Located in an organic farm and a sustainability activity centre with natural buildings, farm animals and organic gardens. Our guests leave saying "a really nice different experience and great project" because it's more than a place to be hosted, "it's unique". You can taste fresh veggies and herbs from our garden and baked bread. Very close to Sintra village, natural parks and seaside beaches!

We are a collective of people united to build and live a non-formal education center for sustainability. Since 2012, we already built a multi-sectoral project with many areas of intervention such as: agriculture, forestry, carpentry, animal management, seed and plant nursery, eco-construction, organic mushroom production, cider and homemade beer production and many other activities for visitors and outside students. The entire project is typically country life, and the main farmhouse was built by an antiquarian. The main farmhouse has many old rustic objects (wood and stone), together with the gardens, everything creates an incredible way of experience something different. The place is near the ocean so if you have your own car or bike you can go to that beautiful landscapes very easily (5 min car, 10 min bike, 30 min walking). You can easily go to Sintra Village cultural center. By car is around 10 to 15 min (depends the place) and there are few buses during the day from Janas to Sintra. We can also suggest good places for you to visit. We know Sintra region very well and we can suggest you really good places for you to visit around the area: restaurants, seaside cliffs, roads to hike or bike, beaches, natural parks and cultural living. Also a lot of tips for Lisbon, cause we lived there many years in the past. By curiosity you can look to our fbook page to see some activities and more photos about our place. You will enjoy that.


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Our organic farm is settled in the countryside, between Sintra center village and the seaside. So it's a little bit apart from Sintra's historic centre and it's nice to go there during the day and return by night to rest in a more calm and nature place and enjoy the magical gardens. In the neighbourhood you can find local cafes, 2 food shops, 3 restaurants within 5 minute walk. Also a nice running road from Janas to Azenhas do Mar seaside. All main cultural sites can be reached by car, public bus transportation, taxi or for the more challenging people, biking or hiking. Because there is so much to see and do in this beautiful world heritage site, we recommend to you to stay more than one night. On our website, you can get to know a little bit more about what we are doing and where you will be: internet search: ecoaldeia de janas On fbook we put daily news where you can also check all feedbacks and interactions.

房東:Ecoaldeia De Janas

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GPS and exact location in our website look for ecoaldeiadejanas Lot of PHOTOS on our "faceb..." page with the same name! Adress: Rua do Luzio, nº15. Janas. Sintra ABOUT US “Ecoaldeia de Janas” (ecovillage located in Janas, Sintra) is a collective of people working together to build a centre for education on sustainability. We have a network of volunteers, students, teachers and residents. We engage in different activities, such as organic farming, natural building, mushroom growing, renewable energies, apiculture and traditional skills such carpintery, we are organic certified, cooperative local production and consumption and multicultural inclusion. If you are looking for something different, a special week-end in nature or a whole period co-living with our team, whether with family or friends, “Ecoaldeia de Janas” is looking forward to welcoming you. Whether you are looking for a peaceful rest immersed in nature or interested in following the activities of our collective life, we are happy to extend our hospitality. We provide organic meals at the our local cooperative in the centre of Janas where you can meet our staff, other guests and visitors and have interesting conversations. We open doors even to see all the 3ha farm aorund, natural buildings, aromatic gardens and all the ecosystem and our animals like the sheeps, pigs, chickens and the horse. Being near Sintra, with its special micro-climate, and knowing the area really well we can advice you to visit magical places, magnificent historical sites and monuments and unsoiled beaches. Em PORTUGUÊS A Ecoaldeia de Janas é um colectivo de pessoas unidas com o objectivo de construir e viver um centro de educação não-formal para a sustentabilidade ligado aos ofícios tradicionais e manuais, aplicando e partilhando soluções práticas e inovadoras no sentido de uma maior resiliência à escala local e regional. Os pilares desta iniciativa estão assentes numa experiência e partilha de aprendizagens que assentam na sustentabilidade prática, criando uma rede de colaboradores, alunos, formadores, residentes e associados e que em conjunto dinamizam actividades, serviços e produtos em diversas temáticas: apicultura natural, carpintaria e construção natural, agricultura regenerativa, educação e formação, alimentação natural, consumo e produção colaborativa, agrofloresta, gestão da água, cosmética natural, entre muitas outras. Através de princípios colaborativos e de responsabilidade ecológica e social queremos assim partilhar a sabedoria tradicional e ao mesmo tempo inovadoras nas dimensões ecológica, cultural e sócio-económica. Estas são algumas das áreas de intervenção que se materializam em iniciativas locais sustentáveis com os colaboradores, alunos, formadores e estagiários: apicultura, construção natural e carpintaria, educação e formação, sustentabilidade e energias renováveis, gestão da paisagem, reabilitação de ecossistemas (ribeiras, solos, etc.), compostagem e biomassa, agricultura e horticultura tradicional, consumo e produção colaborativos, agrofloresta, design e planeamento em permacultura, ofícios manuais e tradicionais, alimentação e nutrição, participação pública activa, inclusão e participação multi-cultural e eco-turismo (Website hidden by Airbnb) um dos nossos mais importante projectos na aldeia de Janas, tambem podem ir comer ou visitar a nossa mercearia na Cooperativa Aldea. Se queres passar um dia, fim-de-semana ou semanas diferentes, em família ou com amigos, a Ecoaldeia de Janas tem diversos espaços disponíveis para te receber e oferecer um momento de repouso único. Estamos também perto de Sintra e do seu património histórico, da serra e das magníficas praias da região saloia, sendo que, conhecendo bem esta zona, podemos guiar-te e aconselhar-te a visitar lugares mágicos.
GPS and exact location in our website look for ecoaldeiadejanas Lot of PHOTOS on our "faceb..." page with the same name! Adress: Rua do Luzio, nº15. Janas. Sintra ABOUT US “Ecoalde…


While you are here, you can meet a team of residents and volunteers, building and developing the sustainability learning center. Usually we are a team of 3 living permanently, plus the worldwide and nacional helpers that come for volunteering seasons. We are fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. There will be always someone to support you! Sometimes you can join the dinners with the team. As you see in our feedbacks, the meals are very interesting because you can meet many countries at the same time and share experiences of life. Our first objective, as a learning center, is to create a worldwide network so we open the house to Airbnb experience as it is a non-formal model to receive guests, where they can experience our livelihood and see all the building eco-project. From our side, we can share our knowledge and experience, and pass through the message that a sustainable lifestyle is possible :)
While you are here, you can meet a team of residents and volunteers, building and developing the sustainability learning center. Usually we are a team of 3 living permanently, plus…
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