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Top recommendations from locals

“Check out the flea market outside the Magdalen Arms pub on Iffley Road - it takes place on the first Saturday of each month (except some winter months) from 9.30am until lunchtime. There are interesting objects for sale and details can be found on the pub website. ”
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“The Rusty Bicycle is our favourite local pub. It does good food during the day and is open late at weekends. The home-made burgers, pizzas and ales are great. It is also on Magdalen Rd. ”
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Botanical Garden
“The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain and one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world. The garden was founded in 1621 as a physic garden growing plants for medicinal research. Today it contains over 6,000 different plant species on 1.8 ha (4 1⁄2 acres). It is one of the most diverse yet compact collections of plants in the world and includes representatives from over 90% of the higher plant families. Simon Hiscock became Horti Praefectus in 2015. His predecessor, Timothy Walker, served from 1988 to 2014.[3”
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“A friendly smile, beautifully hand made food, and delicious cocktails are waiting for you at Oxford’s best tapas bar. So come on in, sit back, and soak up the atmosphere. We will be here waiting to make you a drink.”
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“Thai restaurant with a small daily changing menu. Highly rated, and tends to be booked up several months in advance. But there are rumours of a couple of unreservable tables, so patrons turning up early on the night they wish to dine may be lucky.”
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“A beautiful old cinema situated at the end of Cowley Road. They have a bar selling drinks and snacks inside the auditorium itself. A big favourite with locals. ”
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“The O2 Academy Oxford is a music venue in Oxford, England, which is part of the O2 Academy brand operated by Academy Music Group. Prior to 2009”
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“The Isis Farmhouse is a riverside music pub on the Thames towpath near Iffley, only accessible by foot or boat. Very popular in summer for its large, tree-shaded, family-friendly beer garden by the river and as a year-round venue for trad jazz, folk, country and world music. ”
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“Situated on the cosmopolitan Cowley Road along with a vast array of restaurants of all cuisines, something for everyone. Short walk from bus stop at St Clements. Lively nights and busy days. ”
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“On Cowley Road - bit more of a walk, but flat and has almost everything you need.”
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“Laid-back cafe/bar with leather sofas and terrace garden, plus a blackboard menu and cocktails.”
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Place to eat
“Nothing says Oxbridge more than the image of cruising down the river in a punt. It’s not surprising that punting in Oxford has been a favourite past time since before the 1880s. Without doubt, it’s one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon in Oxford. The experience is enhanced greatly with the addition of a small picnic, containing a punnet of Strawberries and a cheeky bottle of bubbly! Without a doubt, the easiest place to hire a punt from is by Magdalen College Bridge. Punts can be rented from the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse. It costs £22 per hour during the week and £24 per hour on weekends. The route is really pleasant, taking you around the back of St. Hilda’s College (Former college of PM Teresa May) and around Christ Church meadows. Christ Church is also covered on the Footprints Free Walking Tour. The route is fairly relaxed and as the current flows south, you should be able to glide with relative ease around this route. If you’re feeling adventurous however, you can head north along the grounds of Magdalen College and into the countryside. Another option is to head to the Cherwell Boathouse, which is in the North of the city. You’ll probably need a taxi to get there. The Boathouse is on a much wider, more secluded part of the river Cherwell. You can also rent a punt for the whole day if you fancy a real excursion! Trust us, there is a lot to explore around here. If you’re in Oxford for a while, pack a picnic and get punting! If you fancy punting in Oxford with style, the Cherwell Boathouse also boasts a pretty good restaurant with a sterling wine list. It costs £16 per hour during the week and £18 per hour at weekends to rent a punt from the Cherwell Boathouse. It’s £80 for the day during the week and £90 on weekends. And Finally For The Brave… If you’re the kind of person who wants a challenge, head to Folly Bridge to the south of the city. From here you can punt along the Thames in any direction. This gives you the opportunity to head even further out of the city. One popular route is to relive the journey of Lewis Carol and punt up to Port Meadow. It’s here that he told Alice Liddel the story of Alice in Wonderland on the 4th July 1862. A word of warning, this route is only for the experienced or the daring! The Thames is often busy, with power boats and torpids traveling up and down the river. Whilst not relaxing it is good fun if you fancy a small amount of danger! Salter’s Steamers rent punts for £20 per hour.”
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“Magdalen welcomes visitors throughout the year. As a busy and lively working academic community we like to ensure you will enjoy your visit whether it is as a potential student here, an alumnus, an academic visitor, or as a tourist. We do this by making the College accessible at regular times of the day and with particular facilities open for you to see. The principal areas of the College that are normally open are the Hall, Chapel and Old Kitchen Bar. In addition the gardens, grounds and parkland, including the water walks beside the River Cherwell are open. The Deer Park can be viewed from the path.”
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“We like to do things a bit differently here, so let's get the boring bit out of the way first Mmmm Burger Do we source the highest quality meat for our burgers? Yes Do we make our burgers by hand every day? Yes Do we cook food to order? Yes Do we have a secret recipe? Yes Do we use local suppliers? Yes BUT SO WHAT? Because, to be honest, any burger joint worth their pickle should be doing that anyway. Great Burgers ain't rocket science! Of we don't bring you a juicy, lip-smacking, belly filling burger than satisfies your soul we aren't doing our job properly. But Atomic Burger is about more than great foot We want to make you smile. We want to take you back to that time as a child when burgers could be as big as your head, summers lasted forever and simple things made you smile. So sit back and enjoy the music, look at the toys you always wante, argue about who the best superhero is and slurp milkshakes until you get a brain freeze. Enjoy life the Atomic Way and HAVE FUN!”
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“Open green space over 50 acres with paths and children's playground, plus views over the city”
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“A large reserve of natural hilly woodland overlooking Oxford, great for walking, hill running and trail biking. ”
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