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Lower Falls Recreation Site



February 5, 2019
Beautiful scenery, fun place to play in the water
June 11, 2018
Bring your bathing suit and have fun in the natural slides!


“I grew up in New England and always thought a car ride to the top of a mountain would be cheesey .... BOY was I wrong this trip was awe inspiring. You're given a dvd on the way up, it was just like having your own personal tour guide sitting in the car with you. Save time to visit the Mt. Washington Observatory at the top. Check out the fun interactive exhibitions. This one is a MUST.”
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Natural Feature
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Natural Feature
“Beautiful day hike several different trails to the top of Mt. Chocorua with spectacular views. Explore the trails that lead to other trails along the mountain range. ”
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Travel Agency
“Great place to go rafting for all ages! You get a guide and it's a great way to experience the White Mountains! ”
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“During the summer, the small town of Jackson will often attract hundreds of visitors daily to its small falls and swimming holes at Jackson Falls. You will likely see numerous families letting their children roam free in the water and splash in the various pools and potholes of the upper falls of Jackson Falls for hours on end.”
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