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Charis Janda Baik Villa 3: Atop a Man-made River
整套別墅 · 4位 · 2張床 · 2間衛浴

Charis Janda Baik Villa 3: Atop a Man-made River這是2間1.8米寬雙人牀大小的別墅,可俯瞰別墅下方的人造河流。 距離實際的河流30米。適合小家庭或4位成人入住。 別墅地理位置優越,位於Janda Baik的Ulu Chemperoh地區,距離吉隆坡市中心45分鍾路程。 別墅大院位於琴佩羅河( Janda Baik最具吸引力的溪流之一)前。夜間溫度下降到22-24度。

整套私有公寓 · 2位 · 1張床 · 1間衛浴

盛婷民宿F S&THOMEZ MesaMall WIFI KLIA USIM MIU INTI NUAuto Check In System, can self check in after 3pm/Welcome long trip/ future booking CONTACT HOST to get more discount~ 盛婷民宿位于Nilai的Mesahill@MESAMALL里面,新型高级公寓,室内家私电器齐全,楼下还有大型的综合性商场。Mesamall还提供FAMILY MART的24小时便利店,星巴克,Coffee Bean,Jaya Grocer以及等等。本公寓交通方便,贵客们都可以使用类似国内滴滴出行的软件Grab出行各著名景点。公寓周边有四家著名大学:英迪大学,汝来大学,伊斯兰教大学以及印度医科大学,附近还有著名的四星级酒店NILAI SPRING,酒店里有美丽而标准的高尔夫球场,收费非常便宜。公寓距离全马最大型的AEON只需5分钟,距离KLIA,KLIA 2和Mitsui Premium Outlet只需15分钟车程,距离马来西亚首都吉隆坡约45分钟车程,离马来西亚著名游览胜地马六甲也是1小时10分钟车程左右,出出入非常便利,是来马旅游观光的极佳选择。

Atria Studio 7eleven @ Damansara Jaya, P.J
整套loft 空間 · 5位 · 3張床 · 1間衛浴

Atria Studio 7eleven @ Damansara Jaya, P.J如果你正在尋找一個新的、乾淨和安靜的住處,你已經找到了! 這間獨特而舒適的單間公寓坐落在一個名為Atria Shopping Gallery的經典街區商場上方,位於Petaling Jaya的Damansara中心。 這裡設備了真正現代化的內飾設備,融合了古董和現代元素,有助於讓您的住宿舒適和溫馨。 不用說,溫暖的照明讓房源有溫馨的氣氛,我們已以快速的速度升級了我們的網際網路連線



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  1. 整套出租住所
  2. 吉隆坡
Cozy, quiet JOY Studio *Hidden Gem* 4min MidValley
每晚 $24
  1. 整套私有公寓
  2. 吉隆坡
Arte Mont Kiara by Serenity Executive Suites
每晚 $33
  1. 整套服務式公寓
  2. 吉隆坡
每晚 $40
  1. 整套出租住所
  2. 吉隆坡
每晚 $34
  1. 整套服務式公寓
  2. 吉隆坡
֎ Modern Studio@ Summer Suites KLCC, Bukit Bintang
每晚 $31
  1. 獨立房間
  2. Seksyen 16
Converted bus near University of Malaya
每晚 $30
  1. 整套出租住所
  2. 吉隆坡
Enjoy 1BR Staycation Suite in Mont Kiara ★ NEW
每晚 $45
  1. 整套私有公寓
  2. 關丹
每晚 $42
  1. 整套別墅
  2. Hulu Langat
NOURI VILLA | A Tale of Two Rivers
每晚 $641
  1. 整套服務式公寓
  2. 莎阿南(Shah Alam)
Cozy @ I-City
每晚 $19
  1. 整套私有公寓
  2. 賽柏再也(Cyberjaya)
每晚 $17
  1. 整套服務式公寓
  2. Balok
Cozy Seaview Studio@Imperium residence Tg Lumpur
每晚 $34



  • My Story of Old Kuala Lumpur- Early Days
    Seeing through the eyes of a local will enable you feel and breathe the real Old Kuala Lumpur as it developed into a metropolitan city. The journey’s routing, old pictures and stories from the past will be shared to further enhance your understanding how this part of the city evolved. We shall be covering 3 major periods during the early days of Kuala Lumpur 1. Early days 2. Tin Mining Settlement 3. Transformation We shall start our journey at the river confluence and end the journey at the shopping street where in the olden days served the needs of the European communities. You will also have the opportunity to learn Jawi, an Arabic script that are commonly used in writing during the olden days and be presented with a digital postcard with your name written in this script. This tour is tailored not only to guest planning to visit Kuala Lumpur but also to those who have visited since majority of the stories are not available via Google search. Other things to note Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.
    每人 價格$10
  • Paradise Pool with Tropical Harvest
    1-hour countryside drive by an expansive lake surrounded by mountain tops ✔ Escape into the rainforest, 35 minutes safe & easy walk to a hidden waterfall ✔ Explore botanicals & wildlife nestled in the rainforest ✔ Be zen with sound of flowing streams. Bathe the stress away with negative ions at hidden waterfall. ✔ Swim in a big natural pool surrounded by lush greenery. ✔ Show you best Instagram-worthy spots ✔ Healthy lunch of seasonal tropical fruits, corn/sweet potato & hot herbal tea while enjoying waterfall breeze ✔ Pickup at 11am so suitable for late risers. Dropoff at Batu Caves. ✔ Other things to note ~ Pickup time at 11am so suitable for late risers. ~ Easy-peasy about 35 min jungle walk to reach hidden waterfall. ~ Suitable for 4 to 70 year old.
    每人 價格$36
  • KL Afterdark: Night Hikes at Ampang
    We will be going on a night hike to observe nocturnal animals in the wild. The hike will be HARD, we will be covering 4.5km and an altitude change of 271m from the trail head to the top of Bukit Kembara. We will be going over Bukit Kembara, circle around Ampang Impounding Reservoir, and hiking over Bukit Kembara again to head out. Some parts of the hike is steep and can be slippery if it has been raining. The lowland forests around Ampang Impounding Reservoir is where we will see the most animals, I will be showing you some frogs, lizards, spiders, scorpions and if we are lucky we might be able to see some snakes and nocturnal mammals like civets. If you need help in photographing the animals we see, just hand me your cell phone / camera; I am a professional macro photographer that teaches photography on weekends. When we meet, I'll provide a short briefing to describe our route again and talk about some animals that we are expecting to see and tips for spotting animals. After the hike I will bring you to a nearby 7-Eleven where you can order a Grab car back to your accommodations. If you are having trouble with Grab, I could order one for you too. Disclaimer: With compliance to Airbnb's Animal Welfare Guidelines, while we will be photographing the animals that we find, we will NOT be touching, petting, catching or restraining any animals during the night hike. Other things to note THIS HIKE IS HARD. Please be adequately prepared. Hiking shoes are highly recommended. Do bring a poncho or a small umbrella too as it might rain, we are visiting a rainforest afterall! Headlamps are highly recommended as it frees your hands for holding on to ropes and trees.
    每人 價格$36
  • Kuala Lumpur InfoFun Walking Tour
    This Kuala Lumpur walking tour will begin in Chinatown, where guests will get a firsthand look at temples, historical buildings, wet market and general activities in the neighbourhood; what dishes and fruits to try; and what souvenirs to get. Guests can wander around a Taoist as well as a Hindu temple. From there, the walk will take guests to the Central Market, the riverside and onwards to the Independence Square where colonial buildings still stand. The National Mosque will be next where guests are able to enter and experience the religious site. For the morning session, the walking tour will then proceed to the Botanical Garden where guests can enjoy the lush greenery as well as various gardens. Finally, it's a walk to the lively neighbourhood of Little India. For the afternoon session, the walking tour will proceed towards Church Street (after the Independence Square) and onwards to the lively neighbourhood of Bukit Bintang (shopping, bar and food streets). The walking tour will finally end at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Along the walk, historical and fun facts will be shared with guests to give them an indepth knowledge of Kuala Lumpur. Other things to note The 3:30 - 6:30 pm Walking Tour Experience will take a slightly different route which includes Church Street, bar street, food street and the Bukit Bintang neighbourhood, ending at Pavilion mall.
    每人 價格$22
  • Authentic Malaysian Vegan home cooking
    You have 6 options to choose, just pick one of them: Option 1: Local vegan : Vegan Rendang Tok and Acar nenas & timun. Option 2: Fusion vegan : Vegan Burgers 3 different burgers; Jerk, Piri-Piri & Dwight's Beet and fresh baked homemade burger buns. Option 3: Local vegan : Paceri Nanas and Bergedel Sayur Option 4: Local vegan: Fried Kuey Teow and Malay Karipap Pusing. Option 5: Local vegan : Malay-Style Rojak and Stuffed Bean Curd Option 6: Local vegan : Lontong and Kuih Ketayap NOTE: under the same time slot I'll be conducting either one of them, so if there were two groups with different options, the other group have to reschedule to a different time slot. If you're pressed for time, please let me know as well, coz the cooking time varies depending on the dishes & capability. Upon arrival you will be served Lemongrass and pandan infused tea cold drinks We shall start on the following; Step 1: Introduction to all ingredients and where you can get them here locally. Step 2: Preparing and assembling all the ingredients into a burger pate or a rendang paste, this involves chopping, peeling, pounding, squeezing, blending manually by hand or machines or both. Step 3: Cooking and incorporating all ingredients that have been prepped earlier, dry and wet ingredients, this may take between 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the option. Step 4: Plating and a sit-down meal together. Other things to note All products are plant based but please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions, i.e. nuts, soy or gluten or coriander intolerance, I shall omit or find substitute for the ingredients.
    每人 價格$36